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My unique Lifestyle by Design Coaching techniques were created for women who desire to be open and honest, who strive to live authentic life, who understand the importance of goals, who are inspired to take action- and most importantly aren’t afraid of a little hard work and effort!

My Lifestyle by Design Coaching is for You, if


* Do not settle for “Good-enough”, and need to feel fully expressed.

* Are committed to your journey of personal development, self-expression.

* Are invested in creating a beautiful environment to work and live in.

* Wants to live an authentic life!



My Lifestyle By Design Services, Are For Women Who Want To …Create the space for comfortable living, inside and out


Uncover your true authentic self and your true authentic design style.  Interior design was intended to enhance a space making it more aesthetically pleasing and functional as well, but I believe it’s more than that.  I think our homes should reflect the people living in them, taking into special consideration contrasting tastes.  We are constantly subjected to glossy magazines showing us how our homes should look, T.V shows that portray trends instead of genuine introspection to uncover who one is, and what one wants.  Discover ways to

  • Ignite your creativity and help you really define the design style that will inspire you!
  • Stop feeling conflicted with which trendy design styles to focus on, we will work together on finding what truly makes your soul happy.
  • How to use special heirlooms, treasured keepsakes into your space


$400-4 weeks, 30 Minutes per week (via phone, email, Skype, or at our location) -or-$1,800 for on-site sessions (Colorado Springs only)


When effective advice, systems and customized performance objectives are provided you can:

  • Be freed up to pursue careers or relationships (or anything else) that lights you up.
  • Feel worthy of elegance and success.
  • Become inspired to exceed at your personal and professional goals.
  • Take an active roll in your life and feed your drive to succeed…in a way that doesn’t feel like “work”.
  • Create and implement new strategies regarding accountability, growing revenue/reducing costs, voicing their business concerns, hiring more capable employees, and projecting themselves to key stakeholders and their business’s community.


INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL******$600-4 weeks, 30 Minutes per week (via phone, email, Skype, or at our location) -or-$1,200 for on-site sessions (Colorado Springs only)


I personally help you assess how to use each space, manage your time, and ultimately live more efficiently. Together, we redirect those things and obligations which are cluttering your life. We believe organization is the simple and practical tool to help you manage all areas of your life

  • Then, we design a space for what you truly love, a schedule for the obligations that matter the most and a personal plan to enable you to easily maintain without overwhelming.
  • Create a well thought out plan of action that you are able to implement immediately
  • Use in areas like:

    Kitchens & Bathrooms
    Living/Family Rooms
    Home Offices
    Children’s Rooms & Playrooms
    Garages, Basements, Attics & Storage Areas
    Photos, Memorabilia & Collections
    Creating Space (e.g. for Roommates, Babies, Spouses, Pets)

    $600- 4 weeks, 40 Minutes per week (via phone, email, Skype) 



    When we are in harmony with our environment, there is a natural sense of ease. Things seem to happen effortlessly. On the other hand, when we are out of balance, we often can’t quite get ahead, despite our best efforts.

    By applying Feng Shui, the subtle energies of our work and living spaces support and promote our aspirations whether for greater abundance, health, romance and companionship or simply to re-ignite a renewed zest for life.

    Using my Lifestyle Coaching and interior design knowledge in Feng Shui, each Client will take a journey through transforming your space with the following principles:


  • A Client Questionnaire, that Clients are asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire to express their individual circumstances, goals and challenges. This is all to insure that the Feng Shui consultation is of maximum usefulness, targeted to the client’s personal needs.
  • Form Analysis, We apply general Feng Shui principles for peace, harmony, and overall well-being to each room, and to the property as a whole. We redesign the space in way that stimulates the movement of energy and improves its overall feeling dramatically.
  • Compass Calculations, In this most advanced level of analysis, we determine the alignment of the space using the Feng Shui Lo Pan Compass. This reveals the deeper energetic influences that have a subtle yet very tangible impact on health, finances and success. Selecting and integrating different elements of nature (wood, water, earth, fire or metal) allows their healing energy to naturally enhance, or neutralize, these influences.  We finish with a Feng Shui Report for Each client receives a clear written report with a floor plan, showing precisely where the prescribed elements, colors and items need to be placed in the space to achieve a positive result.

    $3000-4 weeks, 30-40 Minutes per week (via phone, email, Skype, or at our location) – or-$4,500 for on-site sessions (Colorado Springs area only)


    My Soul Inspired Design Session is a 3 month intense hands-on decorating journey— each week for 1 hour, we will follow a step-by-step process that will help you become clear on what your design style is.  This service includes 1 home visit, during which we will do a thorough walk-through to address all the areas of your home that require design attention. We create a personalized design plan for 3 rooms in your home during this 3 month journey together.

    We start to understand your unique style and begin creating a home that supports your lifestyle choices and represents your true authentic self.  Throughout the 3 months we start to uncover blockages that are draining you and your families energy.  We begin to implement systems that allow you to create vision for your home…and life.  You will find new ways to embrace your core desires, surrounding yourself with beauty and a space that truly reflects you- a space that is aligned with your vision, a space that embodies your values, a space that feeds your energy.

    Areas We Will Cover During The Three Months- A Lifestyle Quiz (discover your design style and needs), Understanding the use of color, the importance of lighting, etc. Create design plan with furniture placement options. You will  learn how to create vision boards.  Mindfulness and internal influencers, core values, how to simplify your space, What’s Your Story?- to name a few. 

    $1200 monthly investment (3 months) 1 on site 1 hr visit, 1 hour per week via phone, Skype, -or- our location

    ***You will also have access to our designer discount with many local and National suppliers* when you order through us.

    ***Additional Helpful Add-On Services- 3D CAD renderings available for extra charge. Shopping Assistance – $50/hour + Cost of Purchased Items: We help you find the perfect design elements (paint colors, furniture, accessories, artwork, lighting, etc.) needed for your design. Installation services- $100/hour

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