Creative Business Coaching for Interior Designers & Small Business Owners


My career as a business owner has been filled with many ups and downs.  From nasty landlords, to almost losing my business during the Manitou Springs floods of 2013, managing employees, and juggling the responsibilities of being a Mompreneur – there has been one constant thing I have done with my businesses…and that is to never give up.

With specific well thought out systems in place, this is what kept my businesses from closing, despite how much or little was in my bank account.  If there is one thing I know, it is how to brand and market a business, even when you don’t have a lot of money.

My business coaching program will support you and guide you no matter what stage of the entrepreneur game you are in. My business coaching techniques were created for women who desire to be open and honest, who strive to live authentic life, who understand the importance of goals, who are inspired to take action- and most importantly aren’t afraid of a little hard work and effort!

My BusinessCoaching is for You, if


* Do not settle for “Good-enough”, and need to feel fully expressed.

* Are committed to your journey of personal development, self-expression.

* Are invested in creating a beautiful environment to work and live in.

* Wants to live an authentic life!

When effective advice, systems and customized performance objectives are provided you can:

  • Be freed up to pursue careers or relationships (or anything else) that lights you up.
  • Feel worthy of elegance and success.
  • Become inspired to exceed at your personal and professional goals.
  • Take an active roll in your life and feed your drive to succeed…in a way that doesn’t feel like “work”.
  • Create and implement new strategies regarding accountability, growing revenue/reducing costs, voicing their business concerns, hiring more capable employees, and projecting themselves to key stakeholders and their business’s community.

What You Get With My Creative Business Coaching-

40 minutes a week coaching sessions via phone or Skype, for 4 weeks.  Each week we will work on one of the 8 Modules you have chosen.  Discounts are available for the entire 8 week course, so please let me know if you are interested.

The Modules You Can Chose From Are:



Creative courses for those who have a “Can-Do” attitude. Find out how easy and affordable it is to learn a new skill and improve your creative business and life.  Schedule a complimentary 20-minute discovery session today!

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