Motivational Power Up Program


Something I talk a lot about with my Clients is how they start each and every day. Sometimes this is the catalyst of what will go right…and wrong for the rest of the day.  It is important to be mindful of this each and every day you wake up.  It is also important to practice these daily habits, so they eventually become part of your routine- just like brushing your teeth.

So to start this week fresh, I am giving you, YES, giving you one of my daily morning power start programs for FREE!!!  Try it out for a week, let me know how things change for you!

The first thing I want my Client’s to do is ask themselves, what rituals and routines support their creative flow.  From roughly 7am-9am my Morning Power Start Program happens.  This being said, the first thing I suggest- nix the alarm clock unless you absolutely need it. I’m a big proponent of giving my body the amount of sleep it naturally needs to function optimally, so I rarely use alarm clocks.  Within the first hour of waking up, drink some green juice full of nutrients on an empty stomach.  This gives you a great energy boost for the day.  Next, meditate.  Either thing will happen, a) quiets the mind, or b) allows you to access source.  Followed with some journaling.  At least 30 minutes.  Even having a “Gratitude Journal”, can have a huge and positive impact on how you see & respond to things each day.  Another big thing is turning off all electronics before bed and not turning them on until after your morning routine is finished….then it’s time to make the magic happen!

Sometimes making a small shift in how you start your day, can be the one thing that changes your entire life!  Give it a try!



So what morning rituals do you have that help bring inspiration to your day?

Calling All Artists, Designers, Musicians, & Coaches


Call for artists, designers, musicians, & professional coaches—–> I am looking for Co-hosts for my upcoming radio show, this March! You do NOT need to be local. Email me for more information

What The Show Is About-

In these times of rapid change, chaos and crisis, the world is hungry for a new breed of leaders. These leaders must have a strong vision, and be prepared with innovative skills to lead us into a positive future ahead. That is why I wanted to create something that works with individuals like you, who are deeply committed to your own personal and spiritual growth, being authentic, and how to implement that in your own environment, the place where you spend the most time- HOME. I know that the brave souls doing the inner work necessary for real transformation are the real legendary leaders of our time. If you hear a higher calling and want to answer that call but don’t know how to do it, this radio show is designed for you. You’ll listen to inspiring stories of visionaries from designers, artists, & coaches in history who went before you. You’ll receive insights in conversations with current legendary leaders and artists of our time and you’ll gain wisdom from me personally channeling as I answer listener’s questions, live on the air. You’ll be given practical tools and easy techniques to do to become the legendary leader you are destined to be and creating a Lifestyle By Design.

The Importance of Treasured Pieces


What do Handmade, Minimalistic, Rustic Utilitarian, and even the  New Antiquarian Movement, design styles have in common?  Each one of these styles at their core represents: authenticity. Whether it’s a vintage chair, still encased in it’s bright yellow fabric, or a beautiful accent table, carved from locally sourced, and sanded by hand, or just a beautiful piece of linen, woven in small batches, and sewn into pillowcases. There’s something beautiful about a piece that has meaning rather than a mass manufactured item that is available at the click of a button.  Those special pieces we have in our home, you know, the ones passed down from generation to generation they are personal and intimate. Or maybe they are things left behind or forgotten by loved ones, updated perhaps. Sometimes those pieces require some effort on getting to the heart of the piece itself.  Maybe it requires ripping up all the carpet in your home only to uncover the rich vintage oak floors hidden underneath, or making a quilt from the your children’s baby clothes you’ve saved for 20 years. There may be challenges and setbacks that you have to overcome; time you won’t get back.  But in the end, the reward of sourcing and creating, restoring and rebuilding, leaves a satisfaction that just can’t be had by any other way. Sometimes these sentimental things we incorporate in our space mean more than the $3,000 Ethan Allen sofa you just splurged on.  While they are all things you can touch, these authentic heirlooms are a story you can tell. It was created with thought and care. It’s real.  It’s AUTHENTIC.




What pieces do you have in your home, that have meaning and share a story?

True To Yourself


In 2015, interior designers worldwide, okay- maybe not the designers….let’s start over.  In 2015, our media decided that ‘Individuality’ was the new trend in interior design. Who decides this stuff anyways?  Seriously, who decides what the latest trends are….I’ve alays wondered that.  Not because I follow trends, quite the opposite.  It just seems…. Odd. Well, at least to me that seems odd- the concept of the media decides something, for all of us.

I’ve always thought that interior design should always reflect individuality, however, at some point society decided that was wrong- and it is far more important to follow trends, keep up with the Jones’, and replicate every Pintrest photo that inspires you.

Here are some examples of great designers like myself, who feel as though individuality never went out of style.


David Obel Rosenkvist

N Studio


I want to ask my readers, what’s more important to you- a home that reflects changing trends -or- a home that reflects YOU?



You can design the life of your dreams and acquire that luxurious, fulfilled and empowered lifestyle you know you have always wanted.  Knowing and understanding that your space should reflect the real “authentic” YOU, will help you unlock not only your special and unique design style, but parts of yourself you may have hidden away, possibly forgotten, or maybe didn’t know existed.

My Lifestyle By Design Coaching, takes You on a journey of self discovery and helps tap into those creative areas of yourself- so you are able to create a space that reflects YOU.