True To Yourself


In 2015, interior designers worldwide, okay- maybe not the designers….let’s start over.  In 2015, our media decided that ‘Individuality’ was the new trend in interior design. Who decides this stuff anyways?  Seriously, who decides what the latest trends are….I’ve alays wondered that.  Not because I follow trends, quite the opposite.  It just seems…. Odd. Well, at least to me that seems odd- the concept of the media decides something, for all of us.

I’ve always thought that interior design should always reflect individuality, however, at some point society decided that was wrong- and it is far more important to follow trends, keep up with the Jones’, and replicate every Pintrest photo that inspires you.

Here are some examples of great designers like myself, who feel as though individuality never went out of style.


David Obel Rosenkvist

N Studio


I want to ask my readers, what’s more important to you- a home that reflects changing trends -or- a home that reflects YOU?



You can design the life of your dreams and acquire that luxurious, fulfilled and empowered lifestyle you know you have always wanted.  Knowing and understanding that your space should reflect the real “authentic” YOU, will help you unlock not only your special and unique design style, but parts of yourself you may have hidden away, possibly forgotten, or maybe didn’t know existed.

My Lifestyle By Design Coaching, takes You on a journey of self discovery and helps tap into those creative areas of yourself- so you are able to create a space that reflects YOU.