My Story



Simply put, I love design. Guided by a God given talent of connecting with and interpreting my clients desires, I have been able to transform my clients aspirations for their living spaces into homes beyond their wildest dreams…all the while staying on a budget they can afford.  Listening is the key to creating a home that defines a client’s personal tastes.  When walking through someone’s home I want to be immersed in the personal style of the owner. I take pride in incorporating a client’s personal collections and treasures in breathtakingly unpredictable ways.

In 2005, I completed interior design school at Sheffield School of Interior Design (NYIAD) and started my own interior design company, Interior Motives. In 2006, I traveled to New York City to attend the Design Expo where I met amazing artists and designers alike and crafted my skills of feng shui.

In 2007, I fell into new home sales after meeting a home builder during a design consultation.  I worked in the new home industry in Colorado Springs and Fountain for 10 years, completed several degrees to include Chemical Dependency and Psychology. Still feeling like I needed something more fulfilling in my life, in early 2010, I decided that I wanted to go back into business for myself that the corporate world just wasn’t for me. My husband and I opened up two clothing stores in the historic part of Fountain, CO, and in late 2011 I decided I wanted to open a third store and focus on interior design.  My vision was still the same as before, however I wanted to incorporate furniture restoration in my new store, home goods and gifts.  Showing clients that repurposing pieces they currently have can not only save money but transform your room too, and affordable home goods they would treasure for years!

I have always enjoyed sitting back and imagining what could be; and yet the greatest part of my work has afforded me is witnessing those visions transform into realities. That these realities not only exceed my own expectations, but to change the way people live is what inspires me to keep working every day.

My passion for interior design began on my own journey towards the perfect home.  After purchasing my first home, I went through the difficult and expensive process of choosing furniture, fabrics, lighting and accessories that reflected. The reality of my growing family and the desire to feel good about entertaining guests in my home, I started to learn how to create beautiful spaces on an affordable budget.  This has been part of my success working with client’s on all different income levels.

My search for exceptional design led to the discovery of my own personal style; it was fun, bold, eclectic, and seemingly effortless.

Then in the late part of 2016, I decided that I wanted something more meaningful to offer my Clients, something that mattered to them, where I could really feel like I was giving back in more ways than just ‘design’. There was a constant pain with my Clients, that they don’t know what they want.  They feel confused, frustrated and overwhelmed.  This is when I decided to complete my Life Coaching Certification.  This is when “Lifestyle By Design” was born.  My role is coaxing your internal intuitive mentor to come out and play.  Through skilled questioning and deep listening, I help you discover what you want, and clarify who you are in the world so you can surround yourself with your own beauty.

Whether we’re working together or chatting over coffee, you can expect deep listening, sparkling inspiration, and nurturing reassurance, and the occasional swear word- but know that I am looking for the common ground and love the excitement of fresh possibilities. I love harvesting the beauty on the other side of chaos. I love the glow of a woman, man, couple or family recreating their life from a place of intuition and self-love.

I believe that the most challenging cycles of life offer the most potent opportunities to grow into the fullest, deepest, richest versions of ourselves.