My Story



Candance Toscano, holds several degrees to include Chemical Dependency, Psychology, & Interior Design.  Professional licenses include CACI, Certified Sales Professional, & Certified Life Coach.

Authenticity in your interior design is a big way to affirm your belief in yourself and your lifestyle. You get to see the beautiful way your mind and insight can be turned into a visual representation of color, texture and style. The point of interior design is to create a living space that reflects the person or people living there, anyway, so if you want to rock a furry white carpet in your kitchen – do your thing. Your comfort and relaxation are what matters in the end, but really knowing what elements, colors, patterns make you happy- well, sometimes it’s not that easy.  I grew up with the belief that feeling beautiful or surrounding myself with pretty, elegant “things” was nice, but not as important as your character, and that “things” were fleeting.   While I still think that’s true, I do think it is okay to surround yourself with the things that make your heart happy, that you are worthy of a beautiful life filled with beautiful things.  Being authentic is an important way to honor yourself and all that you are in the world. Beyond your job or any other label you may fit into, you are you, and your personal space should reflect that. With authentic interior design, you get to be you – fabulous, quirky and just amazing you.

I’ve never been a conformist, I think I’ve always been authentic.  In fact, as a young child, I often felt like an outcast, even though I had many friends, but I always felt misunderstood.  I can assure you, I have had a lot of failures.  I have had a lot of opportunities to throw in the towel, to call it quits- and no one would have judged me for it.  Staying true to my authentic self -confident,stubborn, rebellious, impatient, moody, bossy… I made myself make room for beautiful things in my life.  The world of design allowed me to feed my thirst for creativity and self expression, it was therapy for me.  It allowed me to use those parts of myself, authentically. 

You can either let those horrible moments in your life break you, let your past define you, or you can embrace them and grow.  None of us are going to skirt our way through life avoiding the hard times. I realized how important it was to dig deep into my psyche to uncover my own story and internal influencers.  To then define what sort of life and story I envisioned for myself – going forward, and then DO IT!  Not just understanding how I respond to life’s hard moments is important, but also realizing my environment plays a vital role as well.  

This is exactly what I want to do for my Clients.  Quit trying to be something you’re not.   I see it everyday with my Client’s who are  caught in the vicious cycle that is an on-going, conscious effort to remain connected to who we are, apart from the usual unconscious acceptance of consumerism.  Making their homes look like a replica of a magazine cover or television show, that is completely unauthentic to who they really are. Authentic design requires deep thought and physical work. If one wants to live in a space that actually supports the way they live, they have to examine how they live, and be honest about the big and little things that make them feel at peace, safe and comfortable. They need to sort through their psychological and physical ‘stuff’, keeping what’s meaningful and letting go of that which is no longer relevant.

Let’s work together and find that creative energy to define and create the life you weren’t meant to live, all while designing a space that reflects that life- but most importantly an AUTHENTIC YOU.  You deserve to live a beautiful life!