Fool Proof Ways To Love Yourself & Be Happy

Our Masterclass To Authentic Living group launched last month- and now you can join us too!  Our topic for October has been ‘Happiness Within Yourself’.

If you know me personally, you probably know that every Sunday morning my definition of church is grabbing my cup of chai and watching Super Soul Sunday.  Every Sunday…really!  How interesting today’s show was a repeat but with such synchronicity, it was Shawn Achor, and he discussed ways to be happy in life. Sometimes, author Shawn Achor says, you just need to make happiness happen. Watch to find out 2 ways to give yourself a lift today!

Watch Super Soul Sunday with Shawn Achor

Join Toscano Interiors Masterclass To Authentic Living, group! Enrollment is only $7 a month! ECourses, business building tips, a forum where you can create-learn-share about living authentically. We can’t wait for you to join our tribe!

Visit to sign up today!

love yourself

You can also get even happier with Shawn Achor’s Online Happiness Course!

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