3 Easy Tips You Can Use To Make Your Space More Authentic, Today!

Interior Design Photo Collage

What is mindfulness and how can you apply it when it comes to your space, the place where you are the most…home?  When working with my Client’s who use my Lifestyle By Design services, mindfulness is an important part of our authenticity journey.  Here are 3 Questions I ask my Client’s during our Discovery Sessions, that you can use in your own home.

  1. Find an object in your home that you find beautiful.  Look at it.  Examine it.  Ask yourself what is so beautiful about it?  Write it down and reflect on it.
  2. Think about the room you spend the most time in, and write down why you spend a lot of time in that room, and what you like about that room.  What do you dislike about that room?
  3. What story is your space telling about you? Is it accurate? Does it reflect the real you? Does it feel amazing, a little off — or completely overwhelming? Is it welcoming you into the next chapter of your life — or keeping you stuck in an old one?

I tell all my design Client’s who use my Lifestyle By Design services, to use a journal during the discovery portion of our journey. Pay attention to your thoughts and follow them wherever they go. Allow things to unfold. Let your sentences be what they are. Don’t worry about grammar or sentences or paragraphs. Simply let the words be. No judgment. Just expression. Just presence.

Ready to uncover what’s happening between you and your space?
Let’s get started!




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