Forging the Way Towards More Meaningful Design

What’s better than a life coach who is also an interior designer? 

Let’s face it, a really well thought out space begins with your thoughts and your habits, continues with your relationships, and concludes within your environment.

Okay, let’s start with your thoughts. A great designer will help you uncover the core thoughts that work for you and against you. We then explore the opinions, beliefs, and interpretations that you hang on to that bog you down and bum you out? We’ll take a clear, simple, and swift approach to remove the thoughts that get you down and boost the thoughts that motivate you. It’s easy. You’ll feel better about yourself. Removing these negative thoughts help create a space where creative energy can flow.

We take a similar approach with habits and relationships, then visit your environment.  By this point once we’ve addressed everything else, you now that you love who you are, what you do, and who you’re with…so I then ask you, “Do you love coming home? Or do you dread walking through your front door?”

Whatever your situation, aren’t you lucky that your life coach is also an interior designer? 

Happy thoughts? Check. Good habits? Check. Great relationships? Check. Love coming home? Check.

Lifestyle By Design complete. 

Let’s get started. 

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