Authentic Office Spaces

I was excited to hear about authentic design taking place in the corporate world, AKA commercial spaces. It seems as though for decades we’ve stuck to the traditional modern mid-century design in commercial spaces. 

In order to stay competitive with millennials, the more authentic approach to our workspaces seems to be what they’re yearning for. Designer Brigette Preston said it best, in a recent article for WorkDesign Magazine.  

“This generation wants a career that offers a sense of purpose and contributes to the greater good. Given this reality, workplace designers should consider how the workspace can embody these goals and how they can visually be represented in the space.”

I love this; as we have too seen an increase in our own Clients who hire as for commercial space design. It is important for them as well, in wanting to keep this concept in order to make their clients feel welcome and employees feel more productive in their space. As these younger Generations enter the workforce, we see the importance of authentic inspired design in our work spaces, a shift from what we’ve seen in the past. Moving away from the contemporary modern design, often leaving people feeling cold when entering; I’m excited to see elements with a wood floors, stone accents, warm colors, and plant-inspired materials — leveraging a palette that leads to positive biophilic responses. 

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