Motivational Power Up Program


Something I talk a lot about with my Clients is how they start each and every day. Sometimes this is the catalyst of what will go right…and wrong for the rest of the day.  It is important to be mindful of this each and every day you wake up.  It is also important to practice these daily habits, so they eventually become part of your routine- just like brushing your teeth.

So to start this week fresh, I am giving you, YES, giving you one of my daily morning power start programs for FREE!!!  Try it out for a week, let me know how things change for you!

The first thing I want my Client’s to do is ask themselves, what rituals and routines support their creative flow.  From roughly 7am-9am my Morning Power Start Program happens.  This being said, the first thing I suggest- nix the alarm clock unless you absolutely need it. I’m a big proponent of giving my body the amount of sleep it naturally needs to function optimally, so I rarely use alarm clocks.  Within the first hour of waking up, drink some green juice full of nutrients on an empty stomach.  This gives you a great energy boost for the day.  Next, meditate.  Either thing will happen, a) quiets the mind, or b) allows you to access source.  Followed with some journaling.  At least 30 minutes.  Even having a “Gratitude Journal”, can have a huge and positive impact on how you see & respond to things each day.  Another big thing is turning off all electronics before bed and not turning them on until after your morning routine is finished….then it’s time to make the magic happen!

Sometimes making a small shift in how you start your day, can be the one thing that changes your entire life!  Give it a try!



So what morning rituals do you have that help bring inspiration to your day?

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