The Importance of Treasured Pieces


What do Handmade, Minimalistic, Rustic Utilitarian, and even the  New Antiquarian Movement, design styles have in common?  Each one of these styles at their core represents: authenticity. Whether it’s a vintage chair, still encased in it’s bright yellow fabric, or a beautiful accent table, carved from locally sourced, and sanded by hand, or just a beautiful piece of linen, woven in small batches, and sewn into pillowcases. There’s something beautiful about a piece that has meaning rather than a mass manufactured item that is available at the click of a button.  Those special pieces we have in our home, you know, the ones passed down from generation to generation they are personal and intimate. Or maybe they are things left behind or forgotten by loved ones, updated perhaps. Sometimes those pieces require some effort on getting to the heart of the piece itself.  Maybe it requires ripping up all the carpet in your home only to uncover the rich vintage oak floors hidden underneath, or making a quilt from the your children’s baby clothes you’ve saved for 20 years. There may be challenges and setbacks that you have to overcome; time you won’t get back.  But in the end, the reward of sourcing and creating, restoring and rebuilding, leaves a satisfaction that just can’t be had by any other way. Sometimes these sentimental things we incorporate in our space mean more than the $3,000 Ethan Allen sofa you just splurged on.  While they are all things you can touch, these authentic heirlooms are a story you can tell. It was created with thought and care. It’s real.  It’s AUTHENTIC.




What pieces do you have in your home, that have meaning and share a story?

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